Q: Do I have to pay to be a model?

A: No, OMD Models is an agency.


Q: Will you represent me if I don't live in  Alabama?

A: Yes, although if you are outside of our neighboring states (Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia) you must have previous experience.

Q: Do you accept everyone?

A: No, OMD Models is very selective when accepting new clients. We typically will only work with females that are at least 5'8 and males at least 6'0.

Q: Do you work with plus size models?

A: Yes!

Q: If I sign a contract with OMD Models does that mean I will get paid?

A: Not necessarily. OMD Models is a mother agency and can not guarantee employment to any models.

Q: If I sign with an agency through OMD Models will I have to move? 

A: Each agency's requirements are different. We do recommend our models to be open to the idea of relocation. 

Q: Will I have to travel to work?

A: Most likely. Alabama is not a very busy market for modeling. If your not willing to travel, modeling may not be for you. 

Q: Am I allowed to be signed with two agencies in Alabama? 

A: OMD Models is an exclusive modeling mother agency, meaning it serves as your one and only mother agent. 

Q: If I have to travel for work do I have to pay?

A: It depends on the client. Some will pay for you to get to the market of work and others wont. OMD Models never wants you out of pocket. If a job arises and travel is not included we will pay for travel, as long as the job is in interest. 

Q: What does OMD stand for?

A: Optimum Model Development.

     Optimum:  NOUN

     the most favorable conditions or level for growth, reproduction, or success.


OMD Models LLC is a Mother Modeling Agent and can not guarantee employment or placement to any models.

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