What is OMD Models?


OMD Models is a Mother Ageny located in Huntsville Alabama. OMD was designed to discover fresh faces from the southeast and beyond placing them both Nationally and Internationally. Our team takes pride in making sure our models have everything they need to be successful. Models are assisted with Book Development and Marketing to gain representation in major markets. Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Atlanta, and Paris are just a few markets we connect our models to. The owners of OMD Models are originally from Huntsville and have combined experience in the entertainment industry. For the past several years they have traveled full time scouting and placing not only models, but actors and singers as well. This process was done through a scouting company and modeling convention. Through these companies they developed many agency relationships and contacts. They decided that they would use these contacts and open their own scouting and developing process, and OMD Models was born! OMD likes to remain boutique. This allows us to really focus on our new faces and place them in other markets successfully. We are very selective when adding new faces to our roster and will typically only work with those who meet industry standards.

How does a Mother Agent work?

Mother agents are who help a model work with secondary agencies, typically in other areas around the world. Think of it as the agent that you call home. A mother agent may place you in other areas of the world for work, but they are considered your main agent. They typically stay on top of other agencies and make sure everything is for your best interest.

Typically, an agency will retain 20% of your gross earnings as its commission for finding you work. Then, from that 20%, they will pay your mother agent half or 10% of your gross earnings. They may also get paid a finders fee depending on the agreement.

If OMD Models books the job directly we do take a full 20% commission.

OMD Models LLC is a Mother Modeling Agent and can not guarantee employment or placement to any models.

Founded in Huntsville Al
Created by OMD Models LLC.